Ecotronic pierburg схема

ecotronic pierburg схема
The fuel pump relay SHOULD occupy the middle position; to confirm, check that the relay has a green/violet wire feeding it. Auckland, New Zealand: Accent Publishing Cnr. 7 (6): 52. ISSN 0113-0196. ^ «1994 FIA 2-Litre World Cup for Manufacturers — Final classification» External links[edit]. Grab the joining rubber pipe to the tank stub and pull it downwards. They are electrically-operated solenoids which, when activated, squirt fuel at such high pressures that it atomises into a fine mist, which is the most efficient form for it to burn.

Luggage capacity in the hatchback was 251 litres with the rear seats in the upright position, and this increased to 1,038 litres with the rear seats folded. The is also the chance that your injectors need to be reconditioned. As injectors age, they wear and do not form a perfect seal when closed. The car is recognisable from the all-black paint, and the factory 13″ Ronal F-Series alloy wheels. «Silver Line» was similar, only in metallic silver colour with a black fascia around the back window and the B pillars. Установка смесителя не оправдывает себя, так как большой расход и она сильно вытягивает мембрамму редуктора, из за чего ее чаше нужно менять. The 55L tank has a pipe connecting the two halves together at the bottom, so the level in each side is always the same, except after long corners, and so is only fitted with a single level sensor. Если вы не нашли информацию по своему автомобилю — посмотрите ее на автомобили построенные на платформе вашего авто. С большой долей вероятности информация по ремонту и обслуживанию подойдет и для Вашего авто.

For Tourings and facelift M20-engined cars a larger 63L tank was fitted. Failure of this diaphragm can result in rich running, lumpy idles, poor fuel economy and even engine failure. Нужно как-то преобразовать ее в нужную нам характеристику. Volkswagen Golf II — второе поколение одного из популярнейших 3- и 5-дверных хэтчбеков. С конвейера сошло 6 300 987 автомобилей в различных комплектациях. Main article: Diesel Diesel was not a popular fuel, and remains more expensive per litre in the UK than in other countries. In continental Europe however, the M21 engine powered two diesel versions of the E30; the 324d and the turbo-charged 324td. Этот проект появился из-за нежелания покупать бывшую в употреблении около 30 (тридцати) лет деталь за совсем немаленькую сумму в 3000 — 5000 руб.

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